About The Artist

Ozzie's Glass Studio In The Berkshires, Gift Shops In The Berkshires, Glass Blowing Berkshires
Ozzie's Glass Studio In The Berkshires, Gift Shops In The Berkshires, Glass Blowing Berkshires
Ozzie's Glass Studio In The Berkshires, Gift Shops In The Berkshires, Glass Blowing Berkshires

I was first introduced to glass in 1996 when a professional glassblower asked for my help after his apprentice failed to show up that day. Since then, I taught myself how to work this medium using a propane and oxygen torch. I work with borosilicate glass and create each piece using mostly my hands, the flame, and gravity. In 2015 I fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening a working studio and gallery in South Lee, Massachusetts. I love what I do and I love that I can share it with you!

~ Ozzie ~
Michael “Ozzie” Ozner currently resides in Becket, MA with his beloved 14 year old lab, Mila. He is a volunteer firefighter with the Becket Fire Department and as an avid scuba diver, he draws much of his inspiration from under the sea and, as a lover of the outdoors, from the natural beauty right here in the Berkshires.

~ The Gallery ~
Ozzie’s Glass Gallery was established in 2015 and is a culmination of 20 years of stitches, burns, and broken glass. I wanted to create a space to not only sell my glass but to invite people in to watch, learn, and ask as many questions as they’d like about the process. I am constantly working to improve my skills and add new creations to my body of work. I generally begin working approximately an hour and a half after I open. I do not have set demonstration times but rather work throughout the day to replenish my shelves, complete custom orders, and work on new designs. Some days I may be working on small pieces such as jewelry, or larger pieces such as wavy dishes, or I may be sculpting a cardinal or seahorse! Please keep in mind that I also assist customers during the day and am not able to be on the torch at all times! There is no charge to come and watch, I truly enjoy sharing my craft with you!

I also have photos and paintings from other local artists available for sale!

Memorial Ashes & Custom Orders
I know the heartache of having to say goodbye. To help myself and others heal, I am able to incorporate the ashes of our loved ones into special glass keepsakes. I can incorporate ashes into pendants, earrings, cardinals, hummingbirds, and sun catchers, but If there is something else you have in mind, we can work together to make a meaningful piece that will stay with you forever. Because of the sensitive nature of this service and the many options I have available, I only take orders for memorial work in store only. I only need about a tsp per piece and require payment at the time the order is placed. To give you an idea of pricing, please refer to the list below:
Earrings: $50 – $75
Pendants: $40 – $75
Cardinal: $100 – $250 Hummingbird: $100 – $250 Spiral Suncatcher: $100 – $175 Heart Suncatcher: $125 – $175.
Please keep in mind these prices vary depending on size, design, color, time, and skill level.

I often do various other custom orders for people looking for something special. At this time, custom pieces are available to order in store only and are limited depending on my availability. Wait times range from 1 – 3 months depending on how many orders I have at the time and how busy the gallery is. Please use this Contact Form to inquire about custom and memorial orders.

I do work with one of the strongest forms of glass out there, but at the end of the day it is glass! Luckily, this type of glass can be put back together depending on the nature of the break. I generally fix my work free of charge if I believe it is fixable. All other repairs go on a case by case basis and will be charged a fee. I am also only able to repair pieces made out of borosilicate glass. Please use this Contact Form to inquire about repairs.